Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hi everyone!!
Sorry I havn't been around in about a month, but I've been really busy since starting school and balancing that with dance and just everything else that is going on. This year I am trying to become closer to my friends because last year we became kind of separated so I want to fix that :P. Today I was home sick so I decided I would update you guys on a few things.
School is going well. The work load is a lot less than I thought which is good. On the second day of school though I had a ton of homework from my English teacher, but I didn't really mind since it is my favorite subject. :)
In my "In My Mailbox" video, you might've heard me say that I lost Crossed  by Allie Condie, but I found it and I should have a review up soon so look forward to that! You can also expect some weekly meme posts which you'll be able to look forward to every week.

That's all for today!

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