Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Wrap-Up

Long time no blog. But seriously though, how are you guys? Band has taken over our lives to the extreme. Not too much of reading has been done either but I really wasn't expecting much either. So yeah, here are the books I read this month:
1. The Little Prince I thought that this book was only okay. It's a children's book so it isn't really up my alley to begin with. It was also for school and I had to spend most of the story looking for a connection to make with it which I found extremely annoying. All in all I say it's a good book for kids, just not for me.
2. Rumble by Ellen Hopkins This was the booksplosion book of the month and I really enjoyed it. I love Ellen Hopkins' writing and I think that this book was definitely out of her comfort zone. Her books always deal with real issues in today's society which I think is fantastic. I also love how Ellen writes her novels in prose; I think it adds so much more to the story.
Well, that was all for this month. Band is taking over!!!!! Only one more month though and then we're free!!!!!
Talk to you guys soon.

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