Saturday, June 7, 2014


Bookcon 2014 can only be described as a beautiful disaster. It was crazy, hectic, energetic and a blast! I was a little dissapointed but overall, I really enjoyed myself. Let's get to the break down.

My friend and I got to the convention center around 8 and there was already a line outside waiting for autograph tickets. We freaked out, rushed inside, registered and quickly went outside to get in line. We waited for not even 5 minutes when they told us they ran out of tickets for Cassandra Clare. Sadness. We sadly got out of line and as we went into the building I SAW THE BOOKTUBERS! I freaked out, but actually. Finally seeing the booktubers I loved and admired was insane! We went up to them and Jesse (JessetheReader) gave us booksplosion bookmarks. SCORE! Then I took a picture with Ariel (arielbissett) and Liz (elizziebooks), with whom I talked about booksplosion and the rise of booktube. She was so nice to talk to. Then I took a picture with Kat (katytastic) and Christine (polandbananasBOOKS). Christine is one of my fave booktubers and I was actually shaking. They were super nice and despite the sad start to the morning, I considered my day already successful just after meeting them. LOOK AT THEM!!! AAAHHH!
We then waited in line to enter the center when it opened at 9. The first thing we did was wait in line to meet Julie Kagawa, one of my friend's favorite authors. She was signing ebooks of The Forever Song. Awesome-sauce! After that we wanted to head over to the Bloomsbury booth and were dismayed to find that almost half the convention center was closed off unless you had a BEA badge. W.T.F!!!! I was super frustrated and annoyed. In the tiny section they shoved us into, the booths barely gave out books and most you had to purchase. UGH! Don't even get me started about the lines...

At 11 we went to the Alexandra Bracken signing. I was ecstatic to meet her and brought my copy of The Darkest Minds from home. When we got there, the line was INSANE! And I mean insane. We were probably seconds away from a fight breaking out. After a huge mosh pit and a few minutes of confusion, my friends was able to talk to the people and get us into the line. Phew! We waited in line for about an hour but it was sooo worth it! Because there were so many people, she wasn't taking pictures or personalizing. However, I had her sign The Darkest Minds, got a new hardcover of Never Fade (a signed one ;)), and this cool postcard. Alex was super nice and I was so happy to meet her. Later, we also met Alex London (author of Proxy) whose line was not hectic. I never read Proxy but heard good things about it. He was also amazingly nice and I got a nice signed copy of his new book, Guardian.
The next highlight of our day was the booktuber meet up. It was awesome! I met even more amazing booktubers (and some I already met... #noshame) who were fantastic and super nice! After that, the excitement of the day was beginning to wind down. We did some wandering after that. The panel lines were insane and our phones were dying, so we called it a day.
Bookcon was such a crazy experience, but I can't wait to do it again next year!!! :)

Peace. Love. Read On.
xoxo Sarah

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